Our Services

Please find below an overview of our most popular security services.

Commercial Estimating

We can quote on any commercial door hardware supply. From simple refurbishments to full scale multi-million dollar projects. We can quote to supply steel door frames, fire doors, door closers, hinges, key systems & much more.

Keying Alike Locks

Whether they are new locks, existing entry locks, deadlocks, padlocks, security doors, sliding doors, windows or even vehicle locks, most can be made to all open on the same key.

Lockout Service

Everybody's done it! You're in a hurry, race out of the house at breakneck speed, pull the door shut behind you, DOH! Keys on the kitchen bench. What we offer is an emergency service where a Locksmith can come to your home or car to let you in with the minimum of fuss and most importantly no damage to locks or windows.

Making Keys To Locks

If you've lost a key that operates many locks, a key can be produced exactly as it was to still open the other locks.

Opening & Repairing Safes

Lost the key or combination or both to your safe? We can help by opening your safe with superior manipulation techniques leaving your safe in the same, if not better condition as we found it.

Rekeying Locks

Have you ever wondered how many people may have had a key cut to your home before you moved in? We can change the workings of your locks so they operate with a new key.

Resetting Safe Combinations

Similar to rekeying a keyed lock, most safe combinations can be changed to a new number. It might be a change of staff in a business, or you might just want to make the numbers easier to remember.

Restricted Key Systems

Riverina Safes & Locks offer a wide range of Restricted Key Systems. This type of system means a key can only be produced under written authority from the owner of the system. This means you will always know just how many keys are out there at any time and rest assured that no one can have an unauthorised key made.

Vehicle Transponder Keys

Most of todays vehicles have a transponder chip embedded in the head of the key. The key may not necessarily have remote buttons on it so it can be a bit hard to tell. If you're unsure, give us a call or call in to the showroom & we can test it & tell you straight away.